Venues of the International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018 |


Our Conference and events will take place in the international quarter of Vienna, at the heart of Europe:

    • 7 minutes from Vienna’s historic city centre by underground
    • direct link to Vienna International Airport via the Airport Bus (travel time 30 minutes)
    • 923 hotel rooms in the immediate vicinity to the conference centre
    • 628 direct flights to 240 cities worldwide…


Vienna International Center

Austria Center Vienna

NH Danube City Hotel


Vienna International Center | United Nations HQ in Vienna

The Vienna International Centre (VIC) is the campus and building complex hosting the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV). It is colloquially also known as UNO City. The United Nations Office in Vienna (UNOV) is one of the four UN headquarters worldwide, along with New-York, Geneva and Nairobi. Several different UN agencies have a joint presence. The office complex is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and is part of the Vienna International Centre, a cluster of several major international organizations. More than 4,000 international representatives work at the VIC.



International charm

The international charm of the area surrounding the Austria Center Vienna is palpable from the moment you leave the underground station – flags flutter in the breeze, people from every nation under the sun cross your path and the air is filled with the sounds of countless different languages. The distinctive towers of the Vienna International Centre stand as a clear reminder: decisions that are taken here can change the world.

Knowledge transfer

Together with ACV we want to make the most of these synergies and promote knowledge transfer in a truly
international environment. The Conference’s role is to improve the flow of information between experts from the UN and participants at the event, as well as promoting greater international public awareness for cannabis policy reform, and cannabinoids in medicine.

Internationale Experten

International network

The International Cannabis Policy Conference taking place in the ACV/Vienna International Centre brings together delegates and key representatives of the various United Nations organizations stationed in the capital.




NH Danube City Hotel


Austria Center Vienna (ACV) | Austria’s biggest conference palace

Welcome to the Austria Center Vienna!
Surrounded by contemporary architecture, just 7 minutes from the city centre and a few minutes’ walk from the Danube and the Donaupark. Austria’s largest conference centre has a total capacity for 20,000 delegates and offers 24 lecture rooms for between 100 and 4,320 participants, 180 meeting rooms and 22,000 m² of exhibition space.

Big ideas need space.

The wide range of halls, rooms and outdoor spaces at the Austria Center Vienna is unrivaled in Europe and the versatility of the rooms means event concepts can be tailored to both conventional and innovative meeting formats.

Because successful events bring people together


Interactive Virtual Online View of the Entrance Area: 
The impressive artpiece covering the entrance is Austria’s tallest wood-made construction!



Digital_Infrastructure_Award_2WLAN performance at the Austria Center Vienna unmatched anywhere in the world, earns venue 2016 Digital Infrastructure Award

Singapore, Perth, Dublin: competition for the INCON Global Digital Awards – presented by an international jury of experts in recognition of leading innovative digital infrastructure at congress centres and congress hotels – was very strong this year. In spite of this, the Austria Center Vienna and its highly-available WLAN for up to 20,000 users ran away with the 2016 title.

  • Outstanding WiFi infrastructure (INCON Global Digital Infrastructure Award 2016)
  • seamless, high availability WiFi for up to 35,000 simultaneous connections
  • excellent bandwidth
  • digital working just like at home
  • New interactive meeting formats
  • New possibilities for speakers and exhibitors:
    Live voting, question and answer tools, VR, Live Streams and many more…


The Business-Lounge 

The business lounge and the Cafe Motto offer the perfect environment to network and relax. Comfortable upholstered furnishings with integrated connection points, cocktail tables and workspaces make these spaces truly inviting.

We love networking – perfectly combined with pleasure

The Austria Center Vienna offers both scale and intimacy. At its heart is a soaring space where the conference stage designers have created a cannabis theater designed to maximize the impact of talks, permitting multiple configurations for sitting, listening and connecting with the speaker – a bold rethinking of the conference experience.





Arrive, relax and network

Surrounded by contemporary architecture, just 7 minutes from the city centre and a few minutes’ walk from the Danube and the Donaupark. The wide range of halls, rooms and outdoor spaces at the Austria Center Vienna is unrivalled in Europe and the versatility of the rooms means event concepts can be tailored to both conventional and innovative meeting formats.

Rooms to grow ideas

  • 24 lecture rooms, 180 purpose built meeting rooms and 22,000 m2 of exhibition space
  • flexible combinations of halls, rooms for breakout sessions, offices and catering areas
  • office floor with 41 offices and 5 suites where you can hold meetings away from the hustle

Explore the virtual tour

Showing the example: Top performance conference based on sustainability

Awarded as Green Conference Center the Austria Center Vienna is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and minimising the ecological footprint of all of the events held at the Austria Center Vienna. As part of its focus on sustainability, IAKW-AG and the Austria Center Vienna actively implement a wide range of measures that deliver clear ecological and commercial benefits:


  • Toilets are supplied with water from a natural well, in a move to save precious drinking water
  • The vast majority of the filament lamps throughout the centre have been replaced with energy-saving LEDs
  • Installation of a 120-square-metre solar array which supplies thermal energy for the hot water circuits in the kitchens and toilets
  • The boilers, formerly used to supply warm water, have been decommissioned. Additional savings have also been achieved by lowering the temperature of warm water from approx. 60°C to around 55°C
  • All the circulating pumps in the radiator circuit have been replaced with power-saving variable-speed pumps, and radiator circuits are now only turned on when needed, thanks to the introduction of centrally controlled valves.
  • The secondary transformer pumps for the air conditioning systems have been replaced by variable-speed pumps with frequency converters
  • Special e-filling stations for owners of e-cars have been installed in the park decks


On-site Catering | International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018 |


acv_ecr_112_kirchgasser_fotografieAustria Center Vienna has a new catering partner with the highest level of commitment and professionalism. Regional delicacies are being reinterpreted; international dishes are being prepared in an innovative and creative way, full of hemp tastes:

  • Coffee in cans
  • Assorted tee specialities
  • Assorted nuts and crunchy hempseeds
  • Sticks from sliced fresh organic vegetables served on
  • Pieces of mini „strudel“
  • Fresh organic fruits from the marked
  • Cereals with hempseeds optional with yoghurt or fresh milk
  • Viennese mini ring cakes
  • Original Viennese Sachertorte
  • Appetizers of apple-,cinnamon- and curd cheese strudel
  • Mini brioche croissant
  • Sour cherry cake
  • Small rolls, small whole grain buns with leg of ham hemp gervais and horseradish
  • Cheese on crispy green salad with roasted hemp seeds, smoked ham and eggs
  • Mediterranean hemp spread
  • Buffalo mozzarella served on hemp pesto and fresh herbsbildschirmfoto-2016-10-03-um-14-18-08
  • Traditional “mostviertler” suckling pig salad with light hemp mustard dressing  served in glasses
  • Goat cheese in hemp coat on rocket frisee salad in glass
  • Salad of sauted leaf spinach with roasted hemp seeds and feta cheese
  • Chili beef on crunchy wok vegetables
  • Ducat Schnitzel from chicken in crunchy hemp coat
  • Local zander filet on braised mangold cherry tomato vegetables with potato hemp casserole
  • Petit fours
  • Raspberry tiramisu with hemp cookie in glass


Hemp Food Market

No matter where you’re from:
A good meal is what unites people.

In 2018 we are taking you on a culinary journey at our Hemp Food Market for the first time.

It starts in different cultures and ends right at your gums. Experience richness of taste of hemp in all it`s amazing varieties.


Apply to exhibit at the hemp food market


The perfect way to complement the brain food we provide, feast on imaginative meals from resourceful local providers. Of course, you can choose your diet (vegetarian, kosher, vegan, allergy) if you like. Refreshing drinks will be available during the entire conference. The foyer restaurants are directly adjacent to the lecture rooms.

Vienna is famous for its great coffee all over the world. Coffee, tea, and snacks are also included in the conference-ticket.








Discover Vienna! | International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018 |


A Smart and Green City: Vienna

Culture, culinary delights and leisure activities: during the breaks in the schedule feel free to spend the time at the Danube and the Donaupark in just a few minutes walk or visit the city center which can be reached by public transport in 7-10 minutes.

  • No. 1 among smart cities worldwide for innovation, technology, and sustainability
  • Excellent public transportation network (special conference tickets available, Vienna Card city passes)
  • 2,000 outdoor recreation areas including 280 imperial parks and gardens
  • 430 free WiFi hotspots



Online Virtual Tour | View from the 57th floor of Hotel Melia
Breathtaking views all over Vienna are guaranteed if you explore Austrias highest terrace located on top of the 57th Floor of D.C. Tower Vienna!

Online Virtual Tour | View of the Donau Park | Wellness Area 
The 690.000 smq large “Donau Park” invites to relax in the sun after a long conference day.







The rich Austrian hemp and Cannabis-related history & culture.


To make the most out of your experience, we suggest you to take a look at the rich cultural world of Cannabis in Vienna and Austria.

Cannabis is legal for scientific and medical purposes, but still illegal for non-medical and recreational uses. Possession of small amounts for personal use, however, is not criminalized, and the sale of Ccannabis seeds but also of the very Cannabis plants are legal. Austria also have a rich and diverse network of hemp farms and industries.

The Hemp Embassy
, Vienna
The Hemp Embassy is a place open to anyone who wishes to learn about cannabis in all of its facets, a wonder for the eyes, and a place of convergence of Cannabis policy reform initiatives in the country. They declare that “the war on drugs and its associated propaganda have completely distorted the perception of this medicinal plant and stimulant that people in our culture have known and appreciated for almost 30,000 years” and gave themselves the mission to “counteract this negative image.”


At the Hemp Embassy Vienna, the “Hemp Museum” association is exhibiting living cannabis plants at all stages of flowering. Some of the varieties used are also used for medicine and stimulants. In each of seven display cases made out of safety glass, a different variety is displayed from the beginning of its flowering stage through harvest maturity. The museum’s opening hours are Monday through Saturday, from 11am to 7pm. Admission is free to all visitors.

In addition to being visually impressive, these plants give off delightful smells: small openings in the glass cases allow visitors to sample each individual odor. Each flowering plant is accompanied by detailed information, such as THC and CBD content, duration of flowering period and genetic origins. The flowering phase of each plant is also filmed and can be viewed at In addition, general information regarding cannabis culture, decriminalization and legalization is available. Finally, a small museum shop completes the museum experience.



Hanfthal is a village and a valley, literally meaning “Hemp valley”, that has a millenary tradition of Cannabis plant cultivation. Nowadays, this region of the north of the country is fully embracing its tradition documented for more than 900 years and increasingly produces the plant.



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