International charm

The international charm of the area surrounding the Austria Center Vienna is palpable from the moment you leave the underground station – flags flutter in the breeze, people from every nation under the sun cross your path and the air is filled with the sounds of countless different languages. The distinctive towers of the Vienna International Centre stand as a clear reminder: decisions that are taken here can change the world.

Knowledge transfer

Internationale Experten

Together with ACV we want to make the most of these synergies and promote knowledge transfer in a truly
international environment. The ICACO Associations role is to improve the flow of information between experts from the UN and participants at ICACO 2018, as well as promoting greater international public awareness for medical cannabis and cannabinoids in medicine.

International network

The ICACO 2018 Conference taking place in the ACV/Vienna International Centre brings together delegates and key representatives of the various United Nations organizations stationed in the capital.