NGO engagement at the International Cannabusiness Awards | International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018 |


Charities & NGOs:
your options to take part in the Conference.


Eventbrite - International Cannabis Policy Conference • Vienna 2018The engagement of NGOs in this event is key to the success of this conference.

For limited budget reasons, it is not possible to provide free exhibition spaces for NGOs. However, we have issued great discount prices for NGO exhibition spaces that will include weekend passes dependent on booth size chosen. Additionally, we are offering advertising space in the Conference Program to NGO’s at deeply discounted rates. [Limited availability]

Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to be visible at the heart of the United Nations quarters, meters away from where Global Cannabis policy is being drafted and decided, and in contact with foreign NGOs, policy-makers, researchers, but also entrepreneurs that can potentially fund your organizations.

  • An exhibition & lounge area will offer space for networking and contacts;
  • Series of keynote-format company presentations in plenary;
  • The Global Awards of Sustainable Cannabusiness 2018.

The conference is built to be a space of collaboration, shared knowledge, and support to the reform movement. It will be a pleasure to see you among us!

All NGOs or charities that work in the field of Cannabis or Cannabis policy reform can become partners of the International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018.

Policy, Patients, Harm reduction, Users, Human right defenders etc… all interested organizations can show their commitment to upholding the debate on Cannabis policy reform, by helping us get the word out about the conference.

If you are interested, please contact conf2018 (at)

Partner NGOs are asked to:

  • Publish post(s) about the International Cannabis Policy Conference on their social media,
  • Place Conference announcements in their newsletter or publications,
  • Add the Conference to the listing of their website calendar,
  • Create a website banner link to our Conference website (
  • Spread the word about the Conference at previous conferences, fairs, forums or meetings that members of your NGO might attend,
  • Send emails to your constituents announcing your support of the Conference and encouraging to attend.

Partner NGOs will receive:

  • 1 free week-end pass for the conference for a member of the NGO regularly appointed,
  • 50% discount on 3 other passes (week-end or one day) for members of the NGO regularly appointed,
  • Recognition on the conference website and in our print materials (provided you send us your logo)


(1) Special rates for NGO booth & advertising

(including full list of prices and Registration Form)


(2) For other exciting partnership opportunities, contact us!


Contact for NGO engagement and partnership: conf2018 [at]

For years, the team of FAAAT think & do tank has served as a global platform for the debate and elaboration of innovative proposals to upgrade Cannabis policies and practices. Our work at the WHO level has been a landmark, resulting in the Treaty descheduling to happen soon. Now we address another side of international policies, that will have a much more direct impact locally.

Things are changing rapidly (may it be in Austria, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, UK or Colombia…) and the future is being built now. In parallel, a brand new international context (UNGASS2016, WHO Cannabis Descheduling, Sustainable Development Goals, CND2019) eases the reform of Cannabis policies.


If you need more information, feel free to contact


Eventbrite - International Cannabis Policy Conference • Vienna 2018

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