Welcome to Austria`s first 1st Green Conference Centre

Awarded as Green Conference Center the Austria Center Vienna is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and minimising the ecological footprint of all of the events held at the Austria Center Vienna. As part of its focus on sustainability, IAKW-AG and the Austria Center Vienna actively implement a wide range of measures that deliver clear ecological and commercial benefits:


• Toilets are supplied with water from a natural well, in a move to save precious drinking water

• The vast majority of the filament lamps throughout the centre have been replaced with energy-saving LEDs

• Installation of a 120-square-metre solar array which supplies thermal energy for the hot water circuits in the kitchens and toilets

• The boilers, formerly used to supply warm water, have been decommissioned

• Additional savings have also been achieved by lowering the temperature of warm water from approx. 60°C to around 55°C

• All the circulating pumps in the radiator circuit have been replaced with power-saving variable-speed pumps

• Radiator circuits are now only turned on when needed, thanks to the introduction of centrally controlled valves

• The secondary transformer pumps for the air conditioning systems have been replaced by variable-speed pumps with frequency converters

• Special e-filling stations for owners of e-cars have been installed in the park decks



• No. 1 among smart cities worldwide for innovation, technology and sustainability

• Excellent public transportation network (special conference tickets available, Vienna Card city passes)

• 2,000 outdoor recreation areas including 280 imperial parks and gardens

• 430 free WiFi hot spots