Press release #1 | September 10th 2018

The international think & do tank FAAAT joins specialized association ICACO in organizing an International Cannabis Policy Conference, attached to a major United Nations summit on cannabis and drug policies. All information for journalists can be found on

Background: Hemp (Cannabis sativa L. plant) was banned globally in 1961, without any scientific reasoning. After WWII, the International community drafted an agreement signifying joint efforts to eradicate drugs, hemp ended up being a part of this, with strong guidance from the USA. FAAAT continues to urge the WHO and United Nations to perform review the validity of reasons for hemp being on the list of scheduled substances, and take action to change its listing.

Read in PDF this Press release from September 10th, 2018

Purpose of the International Cannabis Policy Conference:

  • Bring together an International community of cannabis decision makers, entrepreneurs, and scientists
  • Review and explore existing & future international law and regulations
  • Showcase potential of hemp and Cannabis policy reform for multiple Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Brief Countries, UN & WHO decision-makers about the potential of hemp and the social, economic, environmental and human rights-compliance benefits of supporting the descheduling of Cannabis on the International level
  • Expand Cannabis regulation from only covering human health to cover all potential uses as sustainable supercrops – Clarify and disprove hemp/Cannabis misconceptions, and explore the vast array of uses of hemp as an effective tool for sustainable development and societies.
  • Show up the existing, innovating and rising market.


  • Researchers, experts, specialized students
  • International community leaders and NGO stakeholders
  • International Hemp/Cannabis market leaders
  • Officials and civil servants from UN agencies – UNODC, INCB, WHO…
  • Officials from Government agencies
  • Members of diplomatic missions

International Cannabis Policy Conference - a gathering of the greatest minds, to change policy perspectives on Cannabis and hemp.

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